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SocialOomph is a famous tool for social media management used by many internet marketers. This saves time you would otherwise spend on promoting and marketing your blog on individual platforms and social networks. It saves your time and money while increasing the referrals you receive from various source. The free account is limited but the paid one has a lot of features and it is where the real treasure lies.

This tool called the “underdog of Twitter” for its simple design, yet powerful features.

SocialOomph offers a free and a paid plan. I prefer using their low budget paid plan for a few of the extra features that I will introduce to you later in this detailed review of SocialOomph.

SocialOomph Features That Your Twitter Profile Needs Right Now:

Though the interface and UI of SocialOomph are not that modern, feature-wise this tool will take care of your Twitter profile’s automation. This tool has been online since 2008 & in the past eight years, it has been approved by many social media experts.

The best part about this social media automation tool is that they continue to update their features according to new Twitter policies. This way, you will never put your Twitter account in danger with automation.

Now, let’s look at some features of the SocialOomph service:

Manage Multiple Twitter Profiles

With SocialOomph, you can manage up to 5 Twitter profiles for free.

SocialOomph add twitter account

Simply log in to your dashboard & connect up to 5 Twitter accounts.

SocialOomph connected social accounts


The automatic direct messaging feature (Auto DM).

Using this feature, you can send a direct message to new followers. This helps a lot in building meaningful relationships with your followers & it’s easy because everything is done automatically.

I have already talked about this feature in detail over here & here.

Auto Follow New Followers

Do you know you can automatically follow your new followers? This is one way to say, “Hey! I care about you, too.”

This powerful Twitter tool offers the feature to let you auto follow new followers. You can see this feature option in the above image.

Do remember, recently Twitter removed the auto follow feature. Yet, you can still use SocialOomph to automate most of the process.

This is what SocialOomph says:

“To comply with Twitter’s rules, follow-back is not automatic. On a daily basis, you must approve each follow-back with our Approve New Followings function in the menu.”

You can also use the “Vet Followers” feature of SocialOomph to manually follow new followers.

Delete Your Tweets & Direct Messages

Have you ever felt like re-starting your Twitter journey without losing followers? This is where the “Purge Tweets” & “Purge DM’s” features come into the picture.

The “Purge Tweets” function deletes all the tweets on your actual Twitter account on

Use with caution. The purge is permanent.

There is no backing out or “oops I want my tweets back button”…

Auto Unfollowing

Many Twitter users follow you because you follow them back and, later on after using any Twitter cleanup tool, they unfollow you. The Auto Unfollow tool comes to the rescue in such cases.

By using this feature, you can automatically unfollow such users who unfollow you.

Email Reply Digest

When we are managing multiple Twitter profiles, it becomes hard for us to keep an eye on replies coming to them. Email Reply Digest is one handy feature of the SocialOomph service. It will send you a single Email Digest every day.

You can always enable or disable this feature according to your need.

Scheduling Tweets

I usually schedule my tweets many times over a month. This way, I make sure that my old posts keep getting traffic. SocialOomph comes with a tweet scheduling feature that lets you schedule your tweets whenever you want.

Though I’m not a big fan of the feature they have in the free version, the one they have in premium version is very handy and useful. That may be the biggest reason I bought a Premium SocialOomph account.

SocialOomph add update

Conclusion: SocialOomph review

SocialOomph is one of the budget tools for automation of your Twitter profile. Especially for users with multiple Twitter profiles, this Twitter tool is very handy. The Automated DM & Auto-Follow & Unfollow features alone are powerful enough to make anyone want to use this tool.

Do let us know in the comments: Do you use this or another alternative tool to automate your Twitter profile?

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