Social Media in the Workplace: Benefits and Growth

Many leaders are well informed about the pros of social media at Work. But outside Technology industries, companies may be reluctant to allow it. A PEW Internet research about the use of social media at work showed that:
78% say these sites are useful for networking and finding new job opportunities. 71% find these platforms useful for connecting with others in their field.
Younger workers find information on social media
So should you allow the use of social media inside your company?

Benefits of Social Media in the Workplace:

Social media to increase employee engagement:

There is a strong lack of engagement in the workforce. Around 30% of employees engage at work.
Encouraging those employees will contribute to building engagement inside your company.
Social media can also be a great tool to help your those employees develop their skills! So what’s stopping you from setting them up to succeed with this tool?

Research Networking trends and opportunities:

Networking can be a valuable way to improve your business. You can use social media to share knowledge or to get referrals. If you own a small business, it can be an inexpensive way to find your next business partner.

ROI of social media versus traditional media:

Many companies spend lot of money on traditional media. While Social media is cheaper than any form of advertising.
Besides, you can still incorporate traditional elements into your social media campaign. You can advertise articles or video ads, host live webinars and more. It’s great how it facilitated the spread of brand awareness!

Building a positive buzz about your Business:

Social media has become the beast of digital advertising. and one of the most effective marketing tools ever.
A shareable content and a continuous measurement will help improve your brand awareness. It will also convey your real corporate culture and attract employees who’ll fit in well. then plays an integral role in any brand strategy.
Read this if you want to know why brand loyalty depends on online engagement.

Leveraging social media in your PR campaign:

Social media is the natural place for public relations. Now, The roles of PR pros and marketers overlap there. Making your PR campaign is a no easy task, Here are 5 ways in which PR teams can use social media:
  • Develop relationships with influencers & the media by discussing trending topics.
  • Give your brand a voice with the Influence gained.
  • Find online threats or negative press to avoid major brand reputation crisis.
  • Use the platform to advertise product launches or company updates.
  • Using your content as an outreach tool: Think about how videos goes viral. Because when content amazing, people couldn’t help but share it.
Remember: PR with social media is a constant effort. Be strategic when you develop relationships with these huge numbers of people. Platforms like MuckRack are designed to help you with your Public relations campaigns.

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