PostPlanner Best Tools to Manage Social Media Posts

PostPlanner is a tool that is frequently mentioned but altogether poorly documented. At first glance, it has all the hallmarks of a black hat tool, even though it’s nothing of the sort.

Today I will be reviewing the PostPlanner app, which is the perfect marketing tool for Social Media Networds.

I switched from PostRocket to PostPlanner for three simple reasons:

  • Money: PostRocket costs more than PostPlanner, and for those who are managing multiple pages especially, PostPlanner is better for the budget.
  • Features: PostPlanner integrate tons of features that make it a real time-saver.
  • Use it from Facebook: The PostPlanner app interface is accessible directly from Facebook. You don’t need to login to any 3rd party website, which once again saves time.

Let’s take a look at what makes PostPlanner my new Facebook management app:
PostPlanner is a marketing tool which helps page and group administrators automate their Facebook property. There are tons of helpful features to make the most out of you Facebook marketing effort.

Before we delve into the details of some of the most notable features of PostPlanner, let’s take a look at a quick feature list of this useful Facebook app:

  • Post queue: You set a time for posting, and add status updates in the queue. With two hours of work, you can automate a month’s work on your Facebook pages.
  • Targeting: This is of the most notable features of this app. Apart from queuing your post, you can also set a target audience for your post. For example, you can target a country- specific audience while scheduling or queuing your post.
  • Post link as image: Images work much better than direct links on Facebook, and with one click you can publish a post link as an image. This will not only increase the visibility of your link, you will also get more CTR.
  • RSS feed automation: You can automate publishing from the RSS feed. This is handy, but somehow I prefer manual posting to auto-posting. It is a good idea to link your feed with your Pocket app feed, and use it to share your best content.
  • Status idea engine: Status idea engine will help you to post quick updates, you can use unlimited questions and status ideas. The best part is that this will help you to increase engagement and communication, and thus obtain more “Likes”. The perfect way to beat Facebook EdgeRank!
  • Trending content: Using this feature, you can find the top trending content on the web based on any keyword. This is very helpful toward finding readable content on your pages and groups.
  • Post to the list: If you administrate many pages or groups, and you want to share the same content on all of them, you can use this feature of PostPlanner to do that or to create different lists, and share the same content on all of them, so you can share the same content on multiple pages or group, and you can post to the groups that you have joined.

These are just few of the many features offered by this app.

Explaining some features offered by this app:

Facebook status ideas engine:

One of the major problems with Facebook pages these days is engagement (Facebook EdgeRank). To ensure that your status updates visible online, you need to come up with some pretty compelling status updates, which encourage user interaction in the form of “Likes” and comments.

PostPlanner status ideas

PostPlanner status ideas is an answer to this problem. This feature come to beat the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm. You can select from the vast pool of status ideas for your pages and/or groups.

Auto Publish RSS Feeds:

When you are running a content blog where you publish 5+ posts a day, auto-publishing is your best bet for saving time, and you can achieve this goal with PostPlanner. PostPlanner allows you to auto-publish blog RSS feeds to your pages or groups.

The setup part of this feature is straightforward. All you need to do is select the page or group, add the feed URL, and you’re done.

Content engine:

To create a particular niche expertise and brand on Facebook, it is a good idea to share the best content from other blogs on your pages as well. The content engine will help you to discover new top content based on any keyword, which you can share/queue with one click. The best part is that you can use your searched keyword anytime to find new content.

PostPlanner find new content

Time Zone specific update:

PostPlanner addresses the most common problem with Facebook’s status update, and that is the time-zone difference. For example: If I want to publish a “Good Morning” message on my Facebook page, I will be posting it at 8 A.M. IST, but for countries other than India, it might be evening or afternoon.

This destroys the level of personalization, and your page becomes more country-specific rather than being a global page. With PostPlanner’s auto time-zone conversion, when you schedule an update for 8 A.M., it will be posted at 8 A.M. local time for India, and 8 A.M. local time for the U.S., etc. You will find detailed information about this excellent feature here.

When you start using PostPlanner, you will want to adjust a few settings:

  • Default page: Choose a default page for posting. You can change it to any other page at any point in time.
  • Queue time: You can set the time for queuing your post. This will help you to avoid having to set the time manually when you’re scheduling a post. It will be the same as buffering your post on Facebook.
  • Make a list: If you manage multiple pages and groups, this feature will make your Facebook automation easier and more fun.

Is PostPlanner worth your money?

Whenever I give consideration to a paid app, my first question are: Is it worth my time and money?

PostPlanner is useful & something you can put your money on. Recently, there are complaints from the users regarding support & cancellation of the plan. Anyways, at times 1-2 bad experiences are part of a popular program & it’s worth trying since price starts at $19/month. For this price you can manage all pages and groups. For advanced features like viral trending topics, queue posts, etc. you can avail yourself of the GURU plan which carries a $29/month price tag. Social media marketing companies can opt for the agency plan which comes with a multi-branding option.

For bloggers with one or two pages, there is a free version for you to try.

For those who use Facebook pages and groups as serious marketing tools, the GURU plan is recommended.

How many of you are using the PostPlanner app? What are the features you like about it?

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