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Does WordPress need another premium optin form plugin? Syed from WP Beginner and Thomas Griffin, creator of the super popular Soliloquy slider plugin seem to think so and have entered the already busy marketplace with OptinMonster.

Is optinmonster worth it?

One more reason webmaster stay away from using Pop-up plugin is due to lack of graphics and coding skills. Having an eMail list is sessential for any serious blogger and more over you need to ensure that you get a great number of new sign-up every day. You can read this guide to start with eMail marketing for your blog, and read on about this awesome lead generation plugin which you will end up using after the review.

OptinMonster Features

After years of waiting, I finally found OptinMonster plugin which is a popular lead-generation and eMail opt-in plugin for any WordPress & other platforms.

This plugin by Syed Balkhi and his team, and they are constantly updating it with new features. This is a complete solution to place eMail subscription form at every part of your blog. In this article, I will share my hands on experience and review of OptinMonster plugin.
What makes OptinMonster Best Lead generation WordPress plugin
If you are a blogger with great writing skills but lacks in design and coding, this plugin will let you add Email subscription box at the various place which gives the result.

Before I share my experience, let me share features of this plugin which make it outstanding. OptinMonster plugin is for real-people by real-people, What I meant here: this plugin gives result and not just adds functionality. You can do stuff like A/B testing, Page level targeting and use existing Optin form design to create convertible Email subscription box on your blog. It supports all popular Email marketing services such as Aweber, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, GetResponse to name a few.

With OptinMonster, you can create Pop-up Email subscription form within minutes. All you need to do is select the design which you want to use, make changes such as text, colour and your pop-up subscription form is ready. The pop-up form is configurable as you wouldn’t like to repeat the pop-up for your returning readers.

Along with this, you can create variations of same Optin form and make small changes such as “text of submit box” or “colour of submit box” and let the plugin do all the A/B testing for you. After running the A/B test for a couple of days, you can pick up the form which is generating maximum leads for you. The best thing here is, you don’t have to sit and track everything, once you finished the Initial set-up, OptinMonster will do all the work for you.

Check out OptinMonster (No coding skills required)

I would suggest you spend initial 15-20 minutes at the time of set-up which will save hours of your work in future. For One of the biggest limitation of OptinMonster was the lack of full-screen welcome gate optin which is popular in 2016, and in the recent updates they have also added full page opt-in feature. In the below screenshot you can see how effective Full-page optin. 3.06% is a great conversion for full-page optin & it’s also mobile optimized.

OptinMonster your optins

Creating full-screen welcome gate is also pretty easy & a straight forward process. Check out this video which shows how easy it is to work with OptinMonster & create a full-screen welcome gate optin:

You can also create opt-in-form for your mobile readers. I have implemented it few days back and will share my success rate with it in coming days.

Buffer blog shared a detailed case-study on how they doubled eMail sign-up in 30 days, they mentioned that Slide up was one of the top sources for eMail signup for them. Below is the image which shows what worked the best for them:

OptinMonster email signup sources

In the above image you can see how to slide up and Hellobar worked the best for eMail sign-up. OptinMonster offers slide in Email signup addons which you can use to get a similar feature. (Note: Slideup and slide in are different, but results will be more or less the same). Here is what I created in 2 minutes with OptinMonster slidein Addon:

OptinMonster slidein Addon

and One more thing..

I don’t want to sound like Steve Jobs here, but this product has features which made me use it. Let me talk about one OptinMonster feature that will make a huge difference to turn your one time readers into a subscriber. OptinMonster offers exit intent technology, which shows eMail optin form when a visitor is about to leave your site. It tracks the mouse movement of the reader, and when they about to click the close button, it shows the pop-up with your eMail optin box. This way you still have one more chance to generate a lead from someone who is as it is abandoning your site.

Pricing of OptinMonster:

Pricing of a product is always a huge criteria for me. Basic license cost only $49, and you can upgrade the license according to your need. For serious bloggers, I would suggest picking up Pro license as it includes all existing and future addons. You can see pricing and difference license option in below chart:

Pricing of OptinMonster

If you are finding $199/year to be on higher side, you are not understanding yet the importance of email subscribers. With plugins like Optinmonster, you are more likely to convert & grab subscribers who really matters. More over, they keep adding the new feature which is free for existing users.

Conclusion: Is OptinMonster worth it?

OptinMonster is for bloggers or internet marketers who believe in investing in right technology to get the maximum ROI. This plugin will require a minimal amount of work, and you can double the number of eMail sign-up within no time.

If you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of Email pop-up, you have other options like Sidebar eMail OptinForm, After the post, Slidein, Mobile eMail Optin Form to make most out of it.

Are you also using OptinMonster WordPress plugin for capturing email subscribers? Do share your review & experience with us.

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