Muck Rack for journalists and public relations

Public relations campaigns can be complex and tedious. Platforms like MuckRack are designed to help you quickly find journalists who cover your site’s industry.

Of course, a platform can only do so much. You must also have a good, newsworthy story and PR strategy.
Muck Rack began as a kind of media database for journalists’ Twitter accounts. It also pulls in articles that journalists write that aren’t promoted on Twitter.
For PR folks, Muck Rack is a way to find what journalists are tweeting about. Twitter is a great way to track what everyone is talking about by offering the most popular tweets.
Freelancers, for example, can use Muck Rack as a personal portfolio when looking for work. While Publishers can use it to search for writers. It has also become a tool for writers to plain keep in touch.
MuckRack helps streamline the communication between journalists and PR professionals. “Mass pitches are bad for PR people and bad for journalists.”

Cool Features:

  • MuckRack has added powerful search technology that aims to go far beyond keywords and beats.Hubexa Much Rack search filters
  • You can also set alerts that will notify you when a specific journalist Tweets or publishes.
  • Their MuckRack browser extension will show you who shares your links. This is great for journalists and PR pros. Yes, you can track clicks and shares that tell you who shared specific links.  Hubexa Much Rack link shares

MuckRack works as a tweetdeck for journalists!

Muck Rack is focused on facilitating positive connections between PR people and writers. the company has set out from the beginning to reduce what it calls PR “spam”

Most journalists and publications now use Twitter to post, promote, and even research stories. Create now more organic relationships via Twitter and the MuckRack Pro’s search tool and find what journalists are following!

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