Buzzstream | A Tool for outreach Link Building

If you are conducting outreach activities online, you NEED a tool like Buzzstream. Why? because it’s the best outreach management and white-hat link building system. I put this review to help you get the most out of it!

Why you should get involved in outreach?

Outreach let’s you tap into “Earned media” to get the right niche of people who talk about your business. Earned media is free coverage gained through your promotional efforts, without paying sponsorship fees, post fees, etc… This form of outreach resembles what many PR and outreach teams do.

The goal was brand exposure and reaching a demographic that might not have seen the brand’s payed advertising.

Buzzstream Link building outreach: preparation meets persuasion:

Here are 3 quick steps of what you need to do before spending time outreaching. your time is better spent doing them:

  1. Perform your organic link building activities to maximize conversion rates.
  2. Develop relationships with both linkers and link decliners
  3. Ensure that future link building campaigns are more effective

In addition, there are combinations of the above, such as a branded link to a deep page. Start with a detailed link analysis of your current website, then look at how you rank for certain keywords compared to your competitors.

One of the most powerful parts of BuzzStream is the unlimited projects folder, split first by site, then per piece of content then a project per opportunity source:

Hubexa BuzzStream project folders

The Relationships Tracker can save your time, by omiting bloggers with discontinued websites.

Hubexa BuzzStream Relationships Tracker

Pay attention to duplicates, Buzzstream shows you if a target is already in another project.

You can use SEMRush and AHrefs to scrap a list of websites that link to your competitors. then import these URLs by copying and pasting them into the Buzzstream interface:Hubexa BuzzStream URLs import

Buzzstream is a good tool for performing email outreach, so be sure to check out their prospecting and email-finding features.

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